Monday, April 07, 2014

winnings, cigarety, smells and spew

hi there

blimey, by recent standards i am getting somewhat slightly prolific with this blog at the moment, am i not? no bad thing, so long as you all enjoy reading whatever it is that comes to my mind. as i am not, it seems, any time soon engaging in a Spanish adventure - much to the lament of my mate Fraser, i suspect, who had a special Spanish name for me - i guess i have a few moments more to muse and write than has become normal.

first off, to draw a line under something - a line a furlong in length, if it so pleases you to measure - and our collective winnings from that grand national business. we invested, you may be inclined to recall, a grand total of five pounds sterling on several horses, strictly on an each-way basis. so we invested two pounds sterling and 50p then.

here, thanks to Uncle Peter, are our returns.

yep, our strategies and plans turned our five pounds sterling into an impressive three pounds sterling. so basically our experience of the grand national was enriching the turf accountant of choice of my Uncle Peter by two pounds sterling. quite a result.

on that note, 66% of the above is in fact the amount "won" by my (considerably) better half, her horses and jockeys doing a good deal better than mine. so well done her, but then again it was my money used in the matter of the wager, so well done me for investing in her.

meanwhile, i was rather impressed to be forwarded this picture for no apparent reason whatsoever earlier today. something cunning has worked in relaying language, here, i think.

my good friend Zama, he the fine purveyor of jackets, once taught me fluent zulu in a matter of moments. he assured me that one just put an "e" in front of every word and it became zulu. like, for instance, eComputer, eTwat, eMidget and so forth. it is a lesson that i shall not forget.

in Europe, or certain corners of it at the least, it seems a similar strategy is deployed. sorry, i am getting an astonishing sense of deja vu as i write this. anyway, in Europe it would appear that one, to translate a language, simply whacks a random vowel or quasi-vowel on the end of the English word one wishes to use. well, does that and plays with the spelling a little bit. so an electronic cigarette translates as they somewhat rhythmical elekronicke cigarety. that sounds much better anyway. and yes, that chap advertising it does look like a bizarre photosynthesis experiment of Antonio Banderas, Leonardo Di Thingie and him that did that film where he played that guy that was played by someone else in that other film. 

speaking of leccy ciggy, i did promise some updates on that magnificent EVOD set a supporter of my plight was kind enough to get me as a gift as i attempt to cut down considerably on the regular type of cigarety things. i can, as point of fact, give you some updates.

here, for your viewing pleasure, is one of them (for i/we have two) being charged.

yes, it's shiny. shiny things are good. shiny things always make everything better. i like shiny things.

from a charging perspective, it's just awesome. it charges up a whole load faster than the other, cheap and cheerful one i bought. as point of fact i think i actually have a picture of the other one charging up somewhere, but that will have to wait for another post.

bear with me, dear reader, please don't stop bearing with me, for we shall return to the world of the EVOD presently. in the mean time, some other things.

like, for instance, this. i pinched this picture off one of them social network things. no idea whoever originally took the picture and sent it out into the world of internet, but cheers and thanks for doing so, as means of credit.

exactly what does the internet smell of? honestly, i have no idea. i suspect that's because of all the fans i have on the go in my tower of a PC. someone, however, has worked it out it seems, hence this "internet" perfume, or aftershave, or "eau de avec dans le toilette" as the stuff frequently gets called by people who insist on adding a touch of French to things under the impression it gives anything a level of class and sophistication. i have one friend, for instance, who would probably like Wolverhampton more than he has indicated if they threw a few French words about the place.

am i likely to buy this stuff? no, not really. i am not sure i have any aftershave at all. us chaps with beards tend not to need as much of the stuff as the members of the gentry that shave on a frequent basis do. now that i think, that one bald dude in Predator, Bill Duke i think, kept on shaving but not once did you see him slap on any aftershave of any nature. he probably would have ended up with a nasty rash if that alien thing hadn't decked him.

so away from bizarre aftershave, on to beards and indeed a much welcome return to comments on EVOD, which perhaps is the sole reason that anyone who has done one of them google things is reading this and tolerating nonsense about aftershave.

after obtaining some of the e-liquids for the devices - and please note that this is the name for the stuff and not a zulu version of liquid - we, as in my (considerably) better half and i, gave them a jolly good, billy-ho go. with one of the liquids i got. specifically, the cherry one.

what do i think of the cherry flavoured e-liquid vape experience? i think it's awesome and amazing, man. it tastes really nice and pleasant, something that i did not expect to happen at all as i am not known for a love of cherry. why no cherry love? my mate Spiros once insisted i watch a film of a military slant called The Cherry. it really was not what i was expecting and i have probably avoided cherries ever since.

later this evening, whilst watching something, i suspect i will have a try of the other e-liquid purchased. one called, interestingly, 'USA Flavour'. i am led to believe that it is as close as one can get to the taste and flavour of Marlboro in the world of e-cigarety and e-liquid, so we shall see. my experiences with cherry, however, suggest that my quest to find a like-for-like replacement may be folly. perhaps a clean break from the taste and flavour, moving to smart new experiences like cherry, might work more better?

i will update as best i can with how it all goes on this quitting / cutting down considerably business. and speaking of updates, oh look, i see that farce has all started again, now that whoever it is in court that was sick is no longer sick, or has arranged something for the remainder of the school holidays.

the press must be just as happy as pigs in sh!t are, seeing as, at long last, after many efforts and attempts, they have finally managed to deliver to the world an image of the accused, or if you like the defendant, going right ahead and doing a spew.

i left the "tweet" thing there to highlight how someone considered one of SA's best and most bestest brilliant journalists is covering the whole sorry affair. and she is brilliant. i recall once someone took the decision that she would be the best journalist in the world to go and give an honest, unbiased and objective test on just how dangerous it is to type a text message as you drive. i will leave you to google to find out if you wish to understand that, but yeah, her eyes do seem quite cross to me too.

when not spewing, or being a bit tired (shame, bless), he did manage to say how sorry he was. alas, he just left it as "sorry", and not "and of course as i am really sorry and not just saying it as i mention all the charity work i do, i am quite prepared to accept the consequences and punishment for my actions". that might have been a touch more convincing.

i don't want to end this blog post with the above so here are some bunnies.

yep, that's much better. a good deal nicer.

more as and when, dear reader, more as and when.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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