Saturday, April 26, 2014

Val Kilmer on that twitter thing

hi there

many, many, many thanks indeed to Cracked for this insight into what Val Kilmer does on that twitter thing. i suggest you click that link in blue to go and read all about it.

for those of you that do not wish to, or cannot be bothered, yet still have some interest in it for some reason, here's an insight or two. well, two.

that's a formidable amount of retweets, that is, assuming that the above number means that it has been retweeted 4,555 times.

that was, i am led to believe, his tribute for Lou Reed. works quite well really, better than those "why Lou Read was the greatest and most important ever in the world" articles written by people who had seldom, if ever, heard his music.

meanwhile, to give you a break from Val action, here is now what amazon think i wish to buy after my search with them for love bead toothpaste.

amazon, if you are interested, do not stock love bead toothpaste. i have probably mentioned this before, like, but there it is again. that's amazon that sells everything it can, by the way.

back to Val, then. i am pretty sure that he has never gotten "out of character" from one of his greatest, sadly mostly unseen roles, that of Gay Perry in the brilliant Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang. go and see it now. this is indeed a film that amazon offer, possibly because it has not got love beads in it. well, not that i remember.

being Gay Perry would certain explain his apparent proclivity to create - and i urge you to check the dictionary on this front - massive giant works of art that feature someone out of that show Friends.

i see. Val Kilmer's twitter could well be the next best greatest thing since Steven Seagal went all country & western and started selling 'Native American Medicines' about a dozen or so years ago.

i like Val. i always have, always will, to quote one of his finer roles and bonus points if you can work out which film that's off of. i never bought into this "Val Kilmer is a dick" business on the basis that Joel Schumacher, he who made Batman & Robin, is the one that said it. to me that's like giving instant credibility to any sort of character reference John Terry gave someone.

more people should be like Val on twitter, then it might be more interesting.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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