Saturday, April 05, 2014

free Manic Street Preachers live ep

hi there

i know, this makes it like three or four blog posts from me in one day. gosh my Saturdays are very exciting.

anyway, if you click on this link right here you get magically taken to a site where if you sign up for whatever it is Sony want to send to your spam folder you get emailed a link to a free, four track ep.

a very decent four track ep it is too - four songs live off of that National Treasures gig they did when they played all (to that date) their singles. the one that everyone said it would be a good idea to video, but Nicky Wire said no that would not be a good idea, only for Nicky Wire to say after the gig that he wished he had thought to video it.

assuming everyone gets the same free four track ep, it is as i said decent. have a look!

i imagine this is all to do with promoting their new album, Futurology, coming as it does less than a year after the last one, the excellent Rewind The Film.


be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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