Friday, April 18, 2014

be prepared

hi there

i see our friends Chelsea are showing off what a big club they are again. which of course they are, for their lifelong fans say that they are and have been ever since football and the premier league were invented around 2004.

very wise of them to send out this letter, warning everyone about a parade they are going to have "if" they win not one, not three, but two trophies next month.

i am sure that will not backfire on them at all. quite a class map, if you type in the link on that letter.

meanwhile, here's a quick, not all that great picture of that haircut and trimmed beard i mentioned.

but, moving back, Chelsea's actions above are not exactly isolated or one off things. Liverpool famously had a bus painted in advance of their 6th Champions League win, which they did not do (yet), and then of course there was this one from Arsenal.

Arsenal didn't win that one, of course. not after the UEFA referee decided that against Barcelona it would be a good idea to send off the Arsenal keeper after 20 or so minutes.

of course, Liverpool and Arsenal at the least waited until they were in the final before planning victory parades. short-sighted of them, perhaps.



with thanks to Sky Sports for the above picture. perhaps Liverpool can borrow the wording off of that letter written on behalf Chelsea?

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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