Sunday, April 13, 2014

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time for a little break, methinks, from the sort of me, moi, i type of stuff that blogs inevitably become or come across as. with that, then, one or two things that have struck me as kind of curious from across the width, breadth but perhapt not the length of the net.

a rather tame thing to start with, really.

difficult to tell the motivation here. was it that they could find absolutely nothing to do with a perfectly fine ten pound note and thus they decided to simply deface it, making it as far as i am aware no longer legal tender, instead of saving it for the next time they went to some sort of shop or menders?

perhaps it was just that they had an overwhelming urge and need to pay tribute to the late Ms Amy Winehouse, which is understandable, and at the same to wished to make clear exactly what valuation they had placed on their own special tribute.

a confession would be that i have never looked at a bank note and said "let me deface that", much in the same way i have never looked at Queen Elizabeth II and thought "with a little bit of imagination she could look a lot more like Amy Winehouse than she presently does". so full credit, and indeed respect, to the creator of this interesting and quite possibly less than legal inspired tribute.

credit, indeed, also to this chap right here.

it would be easy to point, laugh and pour all sorts of homophonic scorn on this gent, which no doubt many will do, but that i kind of misses the genius of this.

an airplane or train ride, which it would seem this chap is off on, is an excellent place to do this. it's a very public and visible place, surrounded by a whole load of people you will not see again but, you suspect, people that will remember you for a fair while.

i would rather think, though, that their are certain countries around the world in which the genius of this outfit would not be as welcome as it could be. anywhere that FIFA has awarded the World Cup, for instance, would probably frown up on it. but that's more an issue for them than it is this chap, really.

would i head out and about anywhere in this sort of outfit? in all probability i would imagine the answer to that is not really, not really, no. i somehow doubt that they do them in my size, and i would almost certainly lack the bravery to do so. unless i had a bit to drink, i suppose.

one of the best elements to the chap above is, of course, that he appears to have his own sort of mini-me thing on the go out there in the world, too.

this looks a bit like one of them things that are like McDonalds and that, only fanciers. perhaps it is one of them cafe or canteen things that one finds in a hospital or places of work with a large and lucky staff number.

i am very far removed from the idea of being a fashion commentator, but for me that striped shirt does not really work with those particular pants. obviously he thinks that it does and he probably knows more of co-ordination than i do, so forgive me if i sound out of place with a critical comment. but i would have gone with a plain shirt, i think.

also i probably would not have gone with the pink pants, obviously. i like a pair of dark strides, i do. the only reason i have blue jeans (blue) is to go with them brown boots that i ended up with. that is my fashion level.

if i said there was a website out there that celebrates a sports chap who is described as being an athlete, ambassador and inspiration you would immediately think it were a site set up for John Terry by John Terry for John Terry to show support for John Terry. it is not, though - it is a site set up by some to show support for that Oscar bloke, that one that has a bit of a pressing legal issue at the moment.

those in charge of that site are rather keen to stress that one is innocent until proven guilty, which is quite correct. we should all wait and see if it is in fact proven that she shot at a door and hoped for the best.

the site features a video of Oscar being nice to people, in particular black people whilst he is wearing gloves, set to a very moving and relevant song by Westlife; a matter i am sure they are thrilled about. if one clicks on the site and has a look then one will be impressed with the sheer amazing number of nice things he has done and wonder why on earth so much fuss is being made over a minor killing.

finally, for the moment, for you and in particular for my mate Spiros, this one, which was shared and shown off to the world by that one out of that Star Trek thing. the one, George i think, that has apparently become the "Stephen Fry of science fiction", although without being quite so preachy as he; certainly not operating any sort of double standards to my knowledge.

i would suspect or hope that this picture has had one of them "photoshop" things done to it so that it says what it does to the amusement of many. you never know, though, perhaps this sign is intended to do right there what it says on the box it does. in which case i do not want to know, but i would wager that certain friends of mine, Spiros and indeed Payney, would know a lot if not all about it. and they will tell me, whether i want to know or not. which i probably don't. but maybe i do.

and that would be that. let me leave you in peace, now - the dishes in the sink are somewhat hesitant, if not reluctant, to clean themselves.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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