Sunday, April 27, 2014

Rico Slade

hi there

blimey, for some reason April appears to have been quite prolific on the blog posting front. sorry for that, or you are very welcome. either way, here's another post at the least, and no doubt one or two more will follow over the next few days.

or see you in May, maybe.

anyway, as for the reason for this, yet another post, it's another one of them Bizarro books that i read. and read quite quickly, as it happens. despite my hectic, home husband transformed into one of them yuppie things lifestyles, i managed this one it two days. or nights, but you know what i mean.

to use the finest of the BBC's approach to censorship, then, Rico Slade Will Funning Kill You was a book that caught my eye, funnily enough, on the basis of the title alone. the somewhat "cheeky" use of someone that looks a bit like a well known Austrian political enthusiast on the cover was a bonus.

this book, or novella if you insist as it barely clocks in at much over 100 pages, is brilliant. brilliant, at least, if you have a love of action movies, the surreal, and things that have a ridiculous surface appearance that belie the true genius underneath. if i have the spelling and words right in this regard; no doubt the child of the condiment phoenix will let me know.

hard to say too much without giving the fun and joy of the hundred and a bit pages away, really. if you were, and who was not, frustrated with the lost potential of the film Last Action Hero,  Bradley Sands shares your pain. in short he decided to fix it by throwing a good deal more violence at the story, and indeed a fair amount of Fight Club at it. and oh my word yes indeed, it really does all turn out as brilliant as that sounds it could be. it would not be unfair to suggest that the "real or imagined" side of, say, American Psycho exists in the pages of this book too, albeit not as cluttered or as Phil Collins obsessed as that spectacular work by Mr Ellis was.

this brief, fast read was worth every penny asked of it, and it is certainly one i shall revisit and read again for the sheer fun and brilliance of it all. impressive it is that the UK amazon store has it available, as they seem to be reluctant to wave around all that many of these so far mostly ace Bizarro books. although the link in the title of the book above whisks you away to Mr Sands' site, where i am sure you can order it from pretty much anywhere in the world.

right, off to bed. yes, quite possibly to instantly start re-reading this magnificent adventure of Rico Slade once more, to be honest.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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