Sunday, April 20, 2014

in search of love bead toothpaste

hi again

right, more nonsense about love bead toothpaste for those of you who are interested in it (hi Dad). just so we are all clear on what challenges await.

i found a price comparison site, which you can visit by clicking here, that shows off my plight. yes, love bead loaded toothpaste is as expensive as it is selectively stocked.

what i particularly liked about the link above is the nice price fluctuation graph that someone has taken the time, trouble and imagination to produce.

what would be ideal, of course, would be getting to Asd.....actually no, what would be ideal would be him just using any bloody brand of toothpaste that they sell over wherever he is. second best would be getting to Asda to get their cheaper offering of the stuff.

i then had a jolly good idea about letting all of this be the problem of amazon, since they are so bloody keen on selling everything they can think of to anyone. everything that is, alas, except love bead toothpaste. oh, sure, they can do you strips or crystals in the toothpaste, but not beads of love. cheers for that.

i don't quite get why Colgate have to be rather bastardesque about this; why did they start making the stuff and selling it if they had no intention of making it freely available?

a friend has, as it happens, found themselves in a position where they do in fact "get" what the Colgate are up to. they read this document, a document that appears to give insight into Colgate's plan for world domination. enjoy, dear reader, if you decide to read all for yourself how one becomes king of the toothpaste market.

brushing your teeth is important and that, right, but at best it should take up 4 - 6 minutes of your day. how is it that my life seems to feature more of it?

i hope, as much as you, that the next post is not toothpaste related.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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