Wednesday, April 23, 2014

moany whiny first world problem related getting it out of system post

hello there

a really moaning, groaning post, this. one to gently get it out of my system and throw it out into the world so it does not bother me anymore. you would be wise, then, to just skip it really. unless you are all that fascinated or simply want something to read for amusement or to underline how vastly more interesting your own life surely is by comparison.

behold, ladies and gents, a bus what i rode on earlier today going on its merry way.

i say merry, but i was left far from impressed this morning with the ways of the bus. i had, perhaps with a foolish notion that it could be trusted, trusted the bus to do exactly what it said on the timetable. this, alas, it did not. by some important distance, really.

according to them on their official things the bus i boarded in good faith this morning was to arrive at the main station for Teesside's petro-chemical wonderland at 8:45. this gave me the margin of 15 rather Warholian minutes to get where i needed to be. ample, really.

except, alas, by 9:00, as in the time i was meant to be where i really needed to be, it was nowhere near that point. so i had to get off and - get ready for the shock - sort of run to get where i needed to be. still late. not good, not good at all.

that this bus takes a stupid, roundabout and windy route for no apparent reason, as no one gets on or gets off the bus at the places it twists and turns, does not help, but what is one to do? i am not sure where one takes the protests to for the inconvenience me and i am sure many others have with the increasingly dropping level of service.

their answer will possibly be the suggestion you have in mind, which features the below.

yes. poor, poor, pitiful me, moaning about buses when i could drive. but i do not wish to. i don't like driving, and driving really does not care for me at all. plus, that would mean my (considerably) better half would be robbed of the chance to go bombing around like one of them joyrider boy racer things.

that the 12 mile journey (19kms or so, metric fanatics) on the bus takes about an hour due to the twists and turns the bus people insist on (cheers for that) is somewhat impressive. it is not like the bus drivers i experienced today had any quarrel or issue with running reds, either. minor traffic and the fact that some people wished to have a philosophical debate with the driver about fares did not help.

such a length of time for such a short journey is, of course, nothing new for me. that's mostly where my argument with driving stems from, to be honest. years of this below is what did it.

that, ladies and gents who are for some reason still reading, is a 32km (19 miles, imperial colonial enthusiasts) journey which regularly took me two - 2 - f****** hours to do. on that one i also got to see every possible illegal and frowned upon traffic manoeuvres (except bereft of skill) you can think of, as well as some you would have to see to believe, look you see. 

so there. a whine about not much as things could be a good deal worse. they could be better with either an early morning train or buses that do what the timetable says, but there you go. 

also the CD does not work on the car. 

be seeing you on the earlier bus, then!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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