Tuesday, April 08, 2014

pills, drops, papers, quotes and Boba

hi there

well, dear reader, i fear the prolific run of posts thus far this month is coming to an end. not an extended or permanent end, you may be pleased or displeased to know, just a brief end. my eye knacks, you see.

i would appear to have picked up a rather nasty infection recently. well, over the weekend. i have sort of ignored it and hoped it would go away but, alas, it has not done so. so off i went to the doctor today to see if i couldn't get it all mended nice nice.

it looks like it can indeed be mended. i was given some tablets, as you will see below, that will hopefully sort it out. also i was advised to clean the eye a bit.

i am most pleased that the box indicated that they were in fact for oral use; you do not wish to know what my mate Spiros suggested was the best way to take them. i did not want to know, but he told me anyway, and his tale was so compelling that i nearly considered it.

oh, the olive oil eardrops are for my knacked ear. i have been deaf, on and off, in the one ear for, oh, three months or so now. it didn't really seem like something to trouble the doctor or ear mender with in itself, but i thought i would mention it in passing as i was at the doctor anyway. apparently i am to try this to see if it fixes it; if not back for further investigation and, presumably, examination. and mending, if required.

apparently just buying these Popeye related eardrops is not enough; i have to use them too. so i will have a go at them later. fingers crossed it does not displease Bluto, i guess.

moving away from my medical case and to that other case, then. i imagine many are bored, some are not interested anymore, a few never had interest. i feel all of those, but then it turns out to just be the gift that keeps on giving, really.

like, for instance, this. i would very much like to purchase the editor and layout designers of The Sowetan newspaper any drink of their choice for their ingenious bit of juxtaposition with the editing and layout here.

there is not one element here, from the stories to the adverts, that is anything short of genius mischief at work. bravo.

meanwhile, depending how you take it, this is either the quote or understatement of the day/week/year/century/known history of man.

well, yes, we have all had bad days, i suppose. not quite so bad, perhaps, that a perfectly good cricket bat and a magnificently crafted bathroom door have been totally knacked, but still.

enough of that now. Boba Fett? Boba.

that's quite smart that is, i believe you will agree. bravo to my (considerably) better half for assembling it from the kit i brought home! best of luck to anyone else with this set who tries to build it.

and that will do; off to wash my knacked eye and maybe do them eardrop things.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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