Monday, April 21, 2014

The King, The Cliff and (sigh) Love Bead Toothpaste

hello there

well, here we are with another update. i probably possibly should be doing other things right now, but what the heck, before i try to get an early night i am sure i can squeeze in an update. 

first off, for those of you craving normal, sensible updates here (this would be my friends and family around the world), why not a look at the boys messing around at the house of Harlo. Ruby came along to play with them too!

a wonderful, lovely afternoon and early evening was had by all, i am delighted to say. all three in the above seem to have tired themselves out and are either actually or close to sleep, which is where i should be heading.

not entirely unrelated to the above events of the day is just what exactly was at the top of the album chart on this very day some 52 years ago. well, exactly 52 years ago. the answer would be these two fine albums.

yes, on April 21 1962 the record buying public of the UK (this was all pre-downloads, look you see), spoke with purchases to put Blue Hawaii by The King, Elvis Presley at the top. right there behind that one would find The Cliff, The Richard, the Cliff Richard and his many Shadows. The Young Ones is one of his better known and greatly celebrated tunes, due in part to the somewhat liberal use of the title in a sensational TV show. a TV show that, as it happens, my Uncle Colin introduced me to many years ago, possibly to the displeasure of my Mum.

people who do not spend large elements of their life pondering and pursuing very exact and specific forms of toothpaste should probably depart this post right now.

yes, here are the tubes of love bead loaded toothpaste all on a shelf.

that is an amazing price, man. i could get 5 (five) packets of that cool mint one Morrisons sells for the same price. i went along with my cousin Andrew, who advises me on musical matters, to show him what it looks like. he was baffled as to why there was also toothpaste with baking soda, strips and crystals all shoved into it.

we all know this ends with me buying the above and posting it. in the mean time, or at least until that happens, i shall try to avoid mentions of it in further posts.

right, off to do stuffs.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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