Saturday, April 05, 2014

Scotland, sperm and smoking

hello there

well, i didn't really expect to be doing a blog post today, but then some things happened. things that i do not argue as being so brilliant they simply must be on the internet, but all the same things that a few may have a passing interest in. besides, some of you like regular updates here, so when i can do them that's nice.

first off and up north, apparently. someone who i suppose you could call a friend of mine, someone who is often called Franny and someone that is quite comfortable with being called certain other things, the exact nature of which would involve language unsuitable for here, is in Scotland, no less. for some reason he opted to share an image of his being in Scotland with the world via one of them social network thingies, so for some reason i opted to borrow it and post here.

i think young Franny is the one that took the image, but if he is in the picture then in my imagination he is the one with the little, mostly red drum. the big blue one would be too much for him, and the bagpipe is not, as it were, his most favourite thing to blow.

i do not believe this whole Scottish independence thing is something for me to comment on, except a passing reference recently about how certain cockney born musicians have their views treated on it in quite different, confusing ways. Rod is allowed to speak as a "yes" man, Derek Bowie as a "no" man gets told to shut up and has had to suffer threats of Scottish people deleteing their illegally obtained Bowie discography in retalliation. but let it be said that if the Scots do vote "yes" for independence, then a visit from Franny, a timely reminder of the sort of person they are presently in a union with, shall almost certainly added a percentage point or two to that vote.

the above image arrived via the medium of the internet, of course. elements of the below, i will have you know, arrived by the means of the regular postal system.

yes, my 'framing' is a bit off there, but that is indeed a most wonderful postcard from Cook Island, which is an island named after Cook. i am not at liberty to say who sent it, but many thanks Gillian. and Grant.

what is that EVOD box business? yes, i agree, it looks far too classy and stylish an item for me to be having, but we shall get back to this presently.

in the mean time i imagine some of you, in particular Spiros, are wanting some of this sperm that i have mentioned in the title. not actual sperm of course, but sperm as such. and this does tie in, eventually, with the shiny EVOD box you can see.

in regards of how that whole quitting / cutting down smoking business is going, i was delighted to get yet another new quality collector card with a recent packet that i purchased, quite by accident. the lady in the shop was nice, you see, and when she asked if there was anything else i wanted i would have felt bad if i were to say "no".

anyway, here's the latest card.

yep, that's right, this one advises you that smoking 'can' damage your (the) sperm and decrease your fertility level. no, i am not sure if they took this picture specifically for this warning, or if they used one of them stock pictures. i imagine more than a few people populate things like flickr with images of their sperm, advising browsers that they are free and welcome to, as it were, spread the image about as much as they like.

far be it, dear reader, from me to suggest that there is some folly in this approach. if it does cause that sort of damage then it is fair to warn people about it. i am unconvinced, however, that all that many people consider what it will do to either their sperm or fertility levels when looking at doing or using something.

i mean, at times Spiros has felt a need to me to have, unsolicited i am keen to stress, conversations about sperm. he mentions to me what he likes doing with it, how much he thinks he has and generally just how enthusiastic he is about it, really, both within the realms of the traditional biological use and, indeed, very much beyond. usually, however, i am not aware of people sitting down and having a conversation about what they think of their current sperm condition or if they have a decreased fertility rate or ability. at the doctor, perhaps, but not down the pub or at the match.

not getting quite as many of these ace collectors cards is an increasing possibility, with the great thanks for the reduction down to the child of the condiment phoenix. an exceptional act of kindness on all sorts of levels.

yes, indeed. the EVOD box pictured above is this rather splendid and magnificent e-cigarette or if you like "vape device" you can see me holding there. the child of the condiment phoenix has, with some great interest apparently, read of my plight and opted to arrange for the delivery of this most magnificent gift. magnificent for what it is, of course, but also magnificent because of the level of moral support it shows off. both are very, very much appreciated indeed.

a quick break, however, as i just saw this picture on the web and it appears to have no copyright or ownership attribution, so go on then, let me show and share.

the claim with the above picture is that it is where that (grand) national is, a race of horses in which i have, you may recall, selected five horses to all win it. it will be spectacular if they do, will it not? i am rather glad i am not in amongst that crowd, i will do my best to remember to watch the television broadcast of it, see how my selections go.

i think it starts in about an hour or so, that national thing. i will try to remember to flick over, then, but in the mean time, back to the world of this snazzy e-cigarette vapor vapy vaping thing.

i know i had mentioned i was going to look around for a better, proper one of these things, but i did not for one moment ever expect to be the proud owner of what would seem to be the best of the ones available out there! i know i have said this already, but it is quite an astonishing surprise gift to have received, so major big huge nice one thanks to the child of the condiment phoenix!

i look forward to bring you an honest, full review of how this device all works, performs and that sort of thing in the not too distant future. i just need to arrange some of the liquid, called interestingly enough 'e-liquid', to fire up in it. i have no idea which is the best one to get and try in it at the moment. i know there are all sorts of fancy flavours and scents, but i suspect success for me in turning cutting down to actual quitting rests on me finding a mostly Marlboro like one of them. nice, i have to admit, as the strawberry shortcake one sounds. 

and indeed i am obliged to find one of these e-liquid things that my (considerably) better half will find both satisfactory and enjoyable. although she likes all that gum and spray stuff, as well as our present, more modest e-cigarette thing. 

not that my (considerably) better half will be getting anywhere near mine, of course. not when it seems that she has one of her own.

quite clever, child of the condiment phoenix, to select a kit that features two of these devices. this means that my (considerably) better half and i can sit and do that "vape" thing together, which will be most splendid and social and that.

for those who have no interest in my musings and are here just to see what is inside one of these EVOD box things, well, the above picture and the next one are for you, then. sorry that you don't like my musings, if that's the case.

did i say, other than right now, thank you very much indeed to the child of the condiment phoenix for this most unexpected and very generous gift? hope so. it is the moral support and encouragement that i value above all else, really, as i embark (eventually) on this most difficult task.

well, time to prepare to watch this national thing. i am not sure which is the correct and proper way to watch any race, let alone a national that is grand. i suppose i could pop out and ask my Uncle Peter, but i think he would just shout at me for disturbing him when the race is about to come on. so actually i won't.

more later, then!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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