Thursday, April 17, 2014

washing machine

hi there

blimey, this is getting to be quite a site for advice on hoying things that run on the leccy and that from South Africa to England. i can only hope that it helps out one or two people along the way. although this post might have a reasonable level of enjoyment for all.

since our arrival in England my washing machine joys have been handled at first by my Auntie Susan and then with a borrowed machine, with thanks to the kindness of other Lee. that machine had to go back today, but Lee is a top class bloke and happily arranged to help me get my dearly beloved machine out of storage and installed OK.

yes. that's right. my washing machine survived the trial by sea, trial by shark and trial by Somali pirate. it is here, at home, up and running.

watch and listen as it does its little happy song.

very nice to hear her sing away again after some four months! i mean, my Auntie Susan's machine is ace and the one that other Lee lent us did a superb job, but it is nice to have my lovely smart fancy LG one on the go once more.

from a practical perspective i would like to think that the above shows off that oh yes indeedy SA electronic equipment works just fine in the UK. i do refer you, however, to the previous post i did. bringing a TV set (even the fancy LED or LCD ones) or printer might not be all that wise, considering the issues i have experienced. plugging in and switching on is not, after all, working.

but enough grown up and sensible stuff, behold and indeed enjoy as it goes off on one to do something called a tub cleaning run, whatever that is.

i thought it best to run the tub wash thing on it as you just cannot have any idea at all what some mucky Somalian pirates might have been doing with it. 

will there be a lot of posts about my sensational washing machine and its return to use? possibly some, but i would not imagine they will be all that frequent.

i am off to wash some clothes and things then!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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