Tuesday, April 29, 2014

travels with Spiros

hi there

well, i was waiting for some clarification off me mate Spiros as to what exactly it was that he wanted me to do with these pictures he sent me. i got a touch bored waiting, though, and assumed then that his wish and will was to firstly appreciate them and then secondly to post them on here. Spiros does, from time to time, like to use me as a conduit to express and share his observations and visions with the general world.

just what visions and observations Spiros shared with me were as limited as they were quite possibly legally tricky to share here in an exact, verbatim like way. it is, i fear, on the whole rather safer to suggest you consider mostly the lilac green, or is it lime green, pole things. very visible, they seem to be.

also the chap that seems to have a lot of biro on his forehead. i wonder if it was all different ones, or if he had one of them special multi-ink pens that you can select different colours off of by clicking down the one you want. we have a couple of class Star Wars ones here, ones that i am assuming resemble the pens that they would have been shown using had those scenes made it to the final cuts of the films.

or maybe it is marker pen, actually. possibly even some sort of traditional, ritualistic paint.

i am not entirely sure that those pants, socks and shoes were supposed to exist at the same time as each other, either. and that is coming from me, one of the most spectacular fashion disasters ever to learn how to handle the basics of dressing themself and mostly getting it all not as bad as it could be in the appearance of it.

shoes, and the lack thereof, are a matter that Spiros has a fine and proud record of association with. a rather obtuse, statistic defying number of known confidants and contemporaries have experienced the loss or theft of quality footwear in frankly bizarre circumstances, although i must hasten to add that Spiros has never been a suspect. he just seems to attract to his good self people who are rather good at having a parting of the ways with their shoes by means seldom related to choice.

where exactly was it that Spiros was on his travels to, or indeed from, as he obtained these pictures? i have no idea and little interest. it could reasonably have featured Luton, Watford or Margate, though.

most of his life, it seems, is these days centred around roaming about in search of a pair of pants, or trousers if anyone reading this is of a mind to be pedantic, that are substantially less soiled and thus in a better state of repair that the ones he happens to have on. he has, look you see, recently discovered something called White Ace, a liquid of major refreshment advantages in every possible sense, it would seem.

since we were discussing Star Wars just now, sort of, here's that cast picture of them for that new one of the fims they are doing. looks like they have scripts and that, which will no doubt help.

i think that the little green one that had the funny ears will be absent, and also those critters that looked like teddy bears but tried to cook people alive will be, but hopefully it all goes well anyway. if they have them smart sword things that are also torches, well then so much the better.

Spiros, meanwhile, has shared with me this third and final image. or final for now, at the least. i am not sure if i am supposed to be admiring the bag, the sensational laces on that one shoe you can see or the tattoo things. if the later, i have no idea who those people are, but presumably they are of substantial and indeed assured permanent importance to the chap whose arm that is.

i have to mention that Spiros seems to have got rather a touch sensitive over my class haul of Viz pens and pencils. he is, i believe, considering writing to the Viz and advising them about what a twat i am, according to him, and how they should not send me any more stuff.

it would not be nice if he did that, and most unfriendly. but then Viz do not have anything else on offer i want at the moment. they do some sort of crossword thing, right, full of rude words as the answers, but the prize there is money - fifty pounds, i belive. that's nice and that, but it is not a unique, distinct Viz. if it were a pencil or something i would have already fired of an entry form for it. also they seem to have stopped that "deface a textbook picture" competition; presumably on sound legal advice from some solicitors.

anyway, will probably post again in May.

many thanks indeed to Spiros for sending these pictures, for whatever hell reason you did send them on.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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