Friday, April 04, 2014

on mango

hi there

blimey, seems that i am all of a sudden getting prolific with blog posts this month! must be related to the change in the clocks, the change in season, or both.

anyhow, let us make haste, cut to the chase and be down on this mango business.

yes. the title of this post refers to the mango, which is the, perhaps the, fruit. it grows on a tree of some description; quite possibly a mango tree. it would be awesome if they named the tree after the fruit.

anyway, before we get to mango as something to be on, i thought that for some reason you might like to see both a bus and the magnificent art and craft that goes into doing a set of double yellow lines on a corner. if you didn't want to see either of those, well, i am somewhat sorry, but i would encourage you not to get upset about it; rather consider the bigger picture with a little aid from global thinking. others out there, those that also frequent the internet, might for some reason want to see such a thing. let them be, leave them to it to enjoy.

not a mango in the traditional or conventional sense of how one sees or describes such a fruit i appreciate, but for some reason i thought that some of you, whilst we are on or around the subject, might quite like to see my (considerably) better half showing off the ace Nirvana shirt she got for all of that Mother's Day thing.

how appropriate that she should choose at random to wear it today, the 20th anniversary of Mr Kurt out of that band leaving this world, assumed and presumed to be of his own free choice. stacks will no doubt have been written about this on the net already, so all i can say is thanks very much to Mr Kurt for his ace music and for reminding Derek Bowie about the song The Man Who Sold The World. and what a shame we do not have outspoken, iconic musicians like him anymore. i think only four or five in his league have come along in the last 20 years.

anyway, yes, the mango. actually mangoes, if you please, for i purchased two. so the plural would be valid, even though the packaging, presumably eager to save on ink, suggests but one.

they are, according to that packaging, from Peru and are of the hitherto unknown by my good self Kent variety. when i think of Kent i must confess i seldom associate it with any sort of mango, but from now on i shall.

sorry, that's all i have to say on the subject. i do not particularly like or care for the humble mango, really. i bought them as they were (relatively) cheap and i suspected one or two members of the family may like them.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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