Thursday, April 10, 2014

my audience today

hi there

nothing really. well, a little bit, but not much. just a perhaps long overdue big thanks to all those who clocked in and read something on this blog during the day today.

alas, the stats only show off specific blog post clicks and reads, not those who just go through my whole blog from the main page. but still, for some reason a lot of you come to have a look at specific stories, which really does make it worth my while to do them.

stats? stats. a good friend once said stats are stats. he was right.

i think if you click on that it makes it all bigger and that, unlike something i could mention but shall not as it is a little bit saucy, cheeky and rude.

hello America seems to be the big thing to say - wow. and all the people of all the countries that come to have a gander. it saddens me that none of my friends and family in SA have been past today, but there you go. or New Zealand, unless of course google and blogger just lump NZ in with Australia.

and a big round of applause to whoever it was that confused the system with an "unknown" browser. well done, whoever you are.

that's that for that, then!

until the next time,

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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