Friday, October 12, 2012

Old Grumpy's - Opening 17 October!

hi there

well, there can be no doubt that rejoicing shall be experienced in certain corners of New Zealand as they read this, for the day that they have wished to dawn as soon as possible will be upon them soon!

Old Grumpy's Gallery is just about all set and ready to go, and the doors will open on Wednesday, 17 October 2012!

i understand that some of you will be very eager to see inside the gallery and simply cannot wait for another 5 or so days from today. for those of you who are of an understandable but all the same impatient way, here you go, here's a look inside!

i know what you wish to ask about the above sneak peak inside Old Grumpy's. well, i do if you want to ask "who is that not old and certainly not grumpy lad sat there?". the truth is, i have no idea. i did ask my Mum & Dad to give me some idea as to who it is, but thus far they have declined to answer. i am almost certain he has a name, and as soon as my Dad reads this he may well consider letting me know what it is!

yes, i am biased, but i must say that Old Grumpy's Gallery is looking most impressive! i love the layout and implied feel of the place!

it's also very pleasant to see certain items from the South Fork era on display. even better is that the banjo is there, several thousands of miles away, and nowhere near me or my ears!

it certainly looks like Old Grumpy's Gallery is rather large and spacious. i know there are steps visible in these pictures, but no i sadly do not have any photographs of his gallery and studio as of yet. no doubt they will follow on soon.

in the mean time, here's a look at how the gallery looks from the staircase, at least!

and here's a view of the gallery from the other side, with the staircase slightly visibile. if you are for some reason quite enthusiastic about seeing staircases!

Mum & Dad have put a great deal of hard work, effort and heart into this place, and i can only imagine it will be a great success. no doubt Dad has something special in mind for the opening day, with some luck he or someone else shall have a camera at the ready to send me some pictures!

with some good fortune, of course, we shall all be able to go and visit the gallery one day, instead of just seeing the pictures!

if you are in the Mount Maunganui area next Wednesday, or any day after that really i suppose, please consider taking the time to go in, have a look and support this very honestly named new venture!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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