Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Nasher Says Relax, for the book is now available!

hi there

 just a quick update for you - whatever legal obstructions were put in the path of Brian "Nasher" Nash's autobiography being available to buy have now stood to one side. it is now shipping in to stores and, by the looks of sales figures, shipping out just as fast.

i was lucky enough to take delivery of my copy a week or so ago. yes, a review will feature here eventually, but hang on - i am only as far as when the band signed their now infamous record deal.

so far, in my considered and learned opinion (and that's two degrees in literature i have, thank you), the outstanding, full mark reviews this book has been getting are justified. it is the tale of an ordinary, every day young lad trying to make his way in the world that all of a sudden got taken off on what must be the most remarkable journey any pop star in the 80s made.

i am informed by reliable sources that Waterstones is the place to go and purchase a copy if you are in the UK, for those of us residing in the "rest of the world" the best deal and service as usual comes from amazon.

happy reading!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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