Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Stone Roses - new songs confirmed

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in typical style, the NME get one of the biggest stories of the year and bury it in an article about a cinema screening of a Led Zeppelin concert DVD!

after getting John Squire to sing the praises of Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin, they finally got around to asking him about The Stone Roses.

NME asked Squire for details of the new Stone Roses album. "What album?" he said. "We are working on songs, but there's no album yet."

so there you have it! a number of people have been suggesting that The Stone Roses reunion is little more than a massive payday. well, yeah, they're earning the money they probably should have back in 89/90, but it's clearly more than that. this is a reunion that has seen Ian Brown "postpone" a successful solo career, Mani quit Primal Scream, John Squire come out of semi-retirement and Reni come out of full-blown hiding. great to get confirmation that it's all about continuing the band, not just celebrating it.

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