Monday, October 29, 2012

Hannibal draws near.....

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Monday mornings tend to be seen as bad things, but how can they be when we have some more images of the imminent Hannibal TV series to look at?

a major thanks to the good people over at Entertainment Weekly for putting these up for fans around the world to see!

and who the world wishes to see, of course, is Dr Hannibal Lecter. here he is in a pose that feels rather familiar, but has in the films been seldom seen.....

i have said this before and have no hesitation in saying it again - casting Mads Mikkelsen as Hannibal seems to be an act of genius. the "seems" to become "is" relies on us seeing the actual show, of course. he can, after all, be only as good as the material given to him.

that said, he has rather excellent support with Laurence Fishburne as Jack Crawford and Hugh Dancy as Will Graham!

one does wonder just how much screen time Hannibal himself shall get, and what the effect of that will be. the success of the character in films so far, obviously the silence of the lambs in particular, was down for the most part to him being the monster you were terrified of, but also the monster you seldom saw. if they show a bit too much of him doing exactly what he did to land in prison then it might risk diminishing the psychological punch of the character.

that said, if it means scenes like the picture below implies, i am sure we can live with it.

is it just me, or is the picture in the background one of the Red Dragon paintings thought of so fondly by the Tooth Fairy?

i am not sure when this is to be broadcast, either in the States or anywhere else in the world, but looking at these pictures, let us hope it is sooner rather than later that we get to see it!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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