Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Stone Roses - Australia March 2012

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oh, look, he's doing a post on The Stone Roses. my, it has been a while since he did that, and so rarely does. got that out of your system?

excellent news for people in Australia who like quality music is that The Stone Roses head that way in March next year (as opposed to March this year, but you wouldn't put time travel past them) for no less than 5 gigs. oddly, most of them seem to be being held at racecourses, so there's a bizarre chance that my Dad could end up seeing them by accident. details over on the official Stone Roses website.

very, very excellent news is that our dear friend Doctor Alex "s***" Brown, who is in Australia and is something of a noted celebrator of quality music, has tickets to see them. nice one mate, me and Payney were verging on being heartbroken when you decided it was more important to go to your sister's wedding than come with us to Heaton Park and see them.

slightly less excellent news would be that i am reminded of how Ian Brown has had less than spectacular success when visiting the fine, fine land of Australia. i have tried to research this for accuracy, but alas my books and the internet have let me down. this is written from memory, then.

as i recall, the in general ill-fated Stone Roses tour of 1995 took a turn for the worse for Ian.

i am pretty sure i recall reading, in NME who do tend to limit making stuff up only when it involves Morrissey, that Ian got into a "disagreement" in a pub, in either Perth or Melbourne. Australians are a no-nonsense sort of people, and tend to have one clear cut, no hard feelings afterwards and agreed method of resolving disagreements. if i remember the report right, Ian lost a couple of teeth and had a bit of bruising, but hey ho, i am sure he got his point across. 

moving on to Ian's excellent but now nearly wildly forgotten solo career and there was this interesting choice of picture used for the cover of the single Corpses.

i am not 100% certain on this, but for some reason i seem to think that the battle damage Ian is showing off here was indeed during some sort of promotional tour, if not concert, in Australia. it could well have been in Japan or even Manchester where he found himself once again having an unusual and out of character "disagreement" with someone. it suits my story somewhat if i have remembered right and this did indeed happen in Australia.

i am not sure what it is that causes things to boil over for Ian Brown when he lands in Australia, but one can only hope that this time around there's a good deal less disagreeing over things.

rumours persist, oddly not repeated here, that new Stone Roses material will be released in early 2013. what a bonus for the Aussies is that's true, as they may be amongst the first to hear them do the stuff live.

to all the fans in Australia looking to get tickets, may you be successful. the ticket is worth every cent, the experience worth every moment.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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