Monday, October 08, 2012

Nasher Says Relax news

hi there

well, it seems that a fair few people are stopping by this site for news on the autobiography of Brian 'Nasher' Nash, Nasher Says Relax. best i give what news there is, then!

it seems that the book has been delayed to an unspecified legal issue. reading between the lines, and going on previous autobiographies (in particular music related ones, for some reason), i would imagine it is the case that someone somewhere has objected to a reference to them in the book and has thus taken provisional legal action blocking the book. at this stage, it seems that not even Nasher is supposed to own a copy of his own book!

what this means is that if you do something like click these words to go to the amazon order site for the book you will get a message like this :

erm, i am not sure what the legalities and that are around this, so bear with me. should you wish to read this book, and if you are reading this there is every chance that you do wish to read it, then why not go ahead and order it from amazon now. trust me, do it.

i have no idea how it all works and that, but as far as we can work out amazon are somehow getting their hands on the apparently "delayed" (i didn't say "copy that lawyers wish to see withdrawn") version of Nasher's autobiography and are randomly fulfilling orders when they do. like, for instance, mine.

amazon do not charge until they ship, so you have nothing to lose by placing a pre-order. if you would rather wait for a presumably amended version and the re-release, though, go right ahead. for those of you who, like me, were fascinated by, say, the whole Spy Catcher affair in the 80s, where for the first time since DH Lawrence a book was banned in the UK, then happy clicking.

in the mean time, since i am sort of giving Nasher and his book a bit of a plug here, i am delighted to pinch another of his private pictures and share it. here is, ladies and gentlemen, Paul Rutherford on stage and doing his thing. well, one of his things.

i selected this picture to, and let us be honest here, steal and post with good reason. this happens to be Paul Rutherford on stage at the Manchester G-Mex, 10 January 1987. as in i was in the audience watching him do this! directly in front of him, as it happens!

my copy of Nasher Says Relax should land in the next couple of weeks or so. which means i had best get on with reading the formidable pile i have here (Warren Zevon, John Connolly, John Grisham and others) so the deck is clear to enjoy the Frankie tale from within Frankie. i hope that if you do place an order or, as all Frankie fans should have, have placed an order that you get to be one of the lucky ones to receive it sooner rather than later.

Mr Nasher is kind enough to pop past this blog every now and then. if this is one of those instances, well, what can i say but all us Frankie fans hope the situation with the book is resolved soonest and you can carry on promoting it.

as for the actual reasons for the delay, well, you are free to speculate but as it is a legal matter i would encourage you to not share any speculation. i simply could not possibly give any hint or indication as to what my thinking is on the matter.

too much vanity here, it gets to me, it gets to me

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