Friday, October 12, 2012

"we don't do mud"

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the title of this post, ladies and gentlemen, is a quote from Mr Keith Richards.they are his words, and as far as i can tell the only words ever spoken by any member of The Rolling Stones, about Glastonbury. the Stones have pretty much, and you would think with good reason, stayed well away from any sort of festival since Altamont. they are not interested.

and yet, with the flimsiest of basis, i see the headlines "Rolling Stones To Headline Glastonbury 2013?" are all around, with the tell-tale question mark at the end pretty much telling you all that you need to know.

the story has come from - get this -a "source very close to [Glastonbury head honcho] Michael Eavis", who obviously as you do rushed off to tell The Sun "newspaper" all about it. apparently negotiations are both at a delicate stage and impossible due to the band not having a booking agent. this has not stopped them booking their own shows in London and New York next year, though.

this is almost as class a rumour as the time when it was suggested that Led Zeppelin, fresh off their reunion concert about 5 years ago, apparently "begged to be allowed to play Glastonbury", only to be informed by Michael Eavis that he was not interested as he already had Pink Floyd booked. yeah, right - there's no way any concert promoter would be foolish enough to book Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd for a 3 day festival. who would be interested in that? for the record, i believe the headliner that year was Jay-Z, who presumably was someone that Mr Eavis, if you believe the initial rumour, felt was better known that Floyd or Led Zep.

i have nothing at all against Glastonbury; far from it. it's an excellent three days and a mutual honour for both bands and the festival to be a headliner. The Stones probably would be one of the most awesome ever things there, but it really is not going to happen. you could i suppose see Keith hanging about jamming with musicians backstage, and indeed Mick flaunting about being worshipped as the elite of rock aristocracy. hell, Ronnie Wood probably goes every year to [text removed on legal advice], [text removed on legal advice] and no doubt [text removed on legal advice] too. but Charlie Watts? Mr Watts is a man who berates people for putting things in their pockets which "ruffles the line of a perfectly good suit". it's hard to imagine him holding the idea of playing Glastonbury in anything but dignified contempt.

the Glastonbury 2013 headline acts will be named soon-ish. but i wouldn't get too excited about the Stones featuring on the list.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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