Friday, October 19, 2012

fixing the glitch in the Godfather box set.

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it is a commonly held view that anyone who owns a DVD or Blu Ray player should have one of the versions of the box set for The Godfather on the shelf. these two films represent some of the finest film making of all time. i have both the first edition and the second "Coppola Restoration" edition on DVD. and the full screen and widescreen editions on VHS. will i ever get the "Blu Ray" editions? never say never.

i have, as it happens, always liked the presentation of the first set.

there is, sadly, a glitch or if you will error in all editions of these fine, fine films. i think you all know what i mean. the set arrives looking like this....

when of course it should look like this.........

i, and no genuine lover of cinema, have any knowledge of this "Part III" business. the world is a better place if such a thing did not exist, for surely it would be a travesty.

Jonathan Granville, and it is my view that all DVD manufacturers should have a statue of him outside their premises to celebrate this, has worked out a way to iron out this glitch in the set. all you have to do is take the box set along to your nearest HMV store and a member of staff there will accept the offending disc and put it in the bin for you.

bravo, Mr Granville, for having the courage to work this out! it is a fine service you have delivered for all film fans. full credit, too, to HMV for giving this sort of outstanding client service. it is a thankless task and thus highly admirable that you undertake it.

i am curious as to if Mr Granville would care to set about fixing other DVD box sets. i note that for a mere £10 one can order this off the internet and have it delivered to Mr Granville. 

this one i suspect would be quite a challenge, but i dare say he is up to it.

thanks again, Jonathan, for helping all owners of the box set!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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