Thursday, October 25, 2012

America - Merry Christmas from Bad News

hi there

for some peculiar reason our friends in America are getting a DVD release of the two Bad News films, Bad News Tour and ......More Bad Newsclicking here will take you to the place to order, and it shall cost you all of $9.

this is a rather unusual release, since you can get the complete works of The Comic Strip Presents...... for $44, which includes both Bad News films, plus excellent things like the Supergrass film and the formidable A Fistful Of Traveller's Cheques : "this is Hotel Bastardos. you want soft toilet paper? Hotel Gayboy is down the road".

anyway, if for some reason you only want the Bad News films, that looks like an ace deal to me. if you also have the Bad News films on every format imaginable but for some reason want another copy just because it has a different cover, well, welcome to my world.

i am curious as to if the copy of ....More Bad News on this disc has all the swearing bleeped out as all other released versions have thus far. i suspect it's the bleeps that make some of it as funny as it is, but it would be nice to have the unedited version too. on the off chance that it might be, and mindful of the excellent cover for the disc, i suspect i will be placing an order for this. an extra big plus if it features the Bohemian Rhapsody video single, something that i do not believe has made it to DVD as of yet.

let's pretend to be The Who.......
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