Friday, October 05, 2012

Adele - Skyfall

hi there

regular readers will not need to be told this, but for those of you brought here by a google search thing - nope and no, there is no illicit link to a download of this song to be found here. i won't bother telling you to rather wait and buy it as you are not interested in such concepts, but do wish you luck finding it somewhere or other on the internet.

with that out of the way, and presumably those looking to download off to another site, let's move on.

50 years ago today, with today being 5 October 2012, two things happened that changed the face of British culture forever and indeed for the better. what two things? the first single by The Beatles, Love Me Do, was released and the first James Bond film, Dr. No, hit the cinema screens. both were supposed to be celebrated today, but only one has.

as for the celebration that failed, that would be The Beatles. EMI fully intended to issue a re-release of Love Me Do today, but withdrew the release at the last minute. why? well, it seems that someone "accidentally" pressed the new 7" single from the wrong master tape, so the version that was due to be shipped featured Andy White on drums instead of Ringo Starr, which you would have thought might have helped boost sales a touch - out of the rarity of course, and not the humour value. i would imagine that any copies which managed to sneak out will become quite the collectors item.

happily, at 0:07am this morning (nice touch), the James Bond celebration went ahead and the world heard, for the first time in full, the theme for the new Bond film.

whereas i am not exactly the biggest fan of Adele on the planet (i do not seem to be the type of person she is singing too), i do quite like her singing voice. Adele and a James Bond theme seemed like an inevitable good fit and, after hearing the premiere this morning (sadly via the speaker on my blueberry, a speaker which is about as good as the camera), i am happy to say that this is one of the best Bond themes in a long, long time.

with the exception of GoldenEye on both fronts, the Pierce Brosnan Bond themes were, fittingly, as dire as the films. the two themes for the Daniel Craig films have been rather good, but this has moved in to the world of "outstanding and likely to be played frequently, long after the film has been released". it's a grand, if you will "classic Bond" sounding song, complete with the over-the-top lyrics one would expect in regards of the self-importance awarded to all things James Bond. that is to say it's excellent! is it the greatest Bond theme ever? no, not really. it is, however, some distance away from being the worst ever - no matter how hard anyone tries i doubt anyone will take Madonna's crown in that regard. it is a theme song i shall certainly be buying, as and when they allow people to buy it.

i can understand them wishing to debut the song today, but the decision to only release the CD single of it on October 29, 3 weeks from now, is a little odd. owing to the ways of the world, the song will be available gratis from a million and one places over the internet probably as of now. i would have thought having the CD ready to buy today would have been a rather good marketing strategy.

thus far only amazon has the single listed for pre-release order, at a somewhat eye-watering £4.99 for the two track disc. i understand that Adele sells an incredible amount of records, but this will test the patience of that somewhat.

as to whether or not is it available as one of them "iTwat downloads", i do not know. whereas Apple are delighted to sell the hardware here, they will not allow one buy iTwat songs and thus i cannot access the store to see. if it is and that's the way you like to buy your music, nice one.

this deserves to be a big hit, and i trust that it will be!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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