Monday, October 08, 2012

Prometheus - more Blade Runner sequel than Alien prequel??

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up front, many thanks indeed to the ace Total Film web site page thingie for revealing this to the world, or perhaps to just me. it appears that i may have been a little hasty in dismissing where the film Prometheus fits into the world. whereas my comments were that it was effective as an Alien prequel but not as a film in its own right, i did not consider that, thanks to one of them "easter egg" things, it could work as a bit of a distant Blade Runner sequel too.
you may wish to open my review of Prometheus before reading on, or maybe not. if you wish to see how Guy Pearce looked in that film then you really should, though, as i cannot be bothered to reload the picture here. basically i was somewhat confused why they cast the young(ish) Guy Pearce as the elderly Weyland when there wasn't even a flashback to a younger version of him in the film.

as it turns out, thanks to a hidden "easter egg" thing (no doubt only on the blu ray, but i will double check my DVD), it could be that Guy Pearce does make a closer-to-his-actual-age appearance in a film as Weyland, just not Prometheus.

here's that easter egg thingie.

i cannot help but put my fanboy / nerd / geek hat on in respect of the above and go "wow, awesome!". why is that? well, the above cannot, and i repeat cannot, be anything else but a blatant reference to a character in that other science fiction masterclass from Sir Ridley Scott. the person Weyland writes of above is Eldon Tyrell out of Blade Runner!


it's possible, as fans across the net will do, to read too much into this. mindful of the fact that Sir Ridley has confirmed his involvement in "another Blade Runner film", though, it does give a clue as to what it might focus on. the idea of at least an aspect of the plot concerning the battle to create artificial intelligence between Tyrell and Weyland is, if only at face value, certainly more interesting than just a rehash of a Blade Runner hunting down replicants, is it not?

for me Guy Pearce, eternally known as Mike out of Neighbours, is fine actor criminally underused by move makers. if this is a hint he will be involved in the proposed Blade Runner 'sequel', well then so much the better.

if this all turns out to be a red herring or a bit of misinformation, oh well, but nice one Sir Ridley on throwing this out there to the world!

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