Monday, October 29, 2012

The Stone Roses - London / Glasgow / June 2013

hi there

well, in a move that's a surprise but then again should not be much of a surprise, The Stone Roses have announced three major shows in the UK for next year. this is on top of the tour of Australia in March.

the lads start off June in Finsbury Park, a venue i have not heard a bad word about.

no support announced as yet for that, but the support is very much in place for the gig at Glasgow Green the week after Finsbury Park.

Glasgow Green is the place where Mani reckons, prior to the 2012 shows at least, that the band did their best ever gig. it will be interesting to see if they in their own eyes top that performance, or indeed deliver like they did at Heaton Park.

no, i won't be going and thus there's one less person who will be trying to get through and buy tickets on Friday morning! it would be great, but well our budget went on seeing them this year, and we kind of really have to go over to New Zealand next.

the only ticket price info i can find at the moment is that they cost £55 for Glasgow Green, same as Heaton Park this year and much, much, much, much better value than either the ultra high Rolling Stones or ultra low Bon Jovi tickets presently on sale.

links to the sites selling tickets and no doubt more info as time goes on can be found over on the official site for The Stone Roses.

best of luck to everyone who's going to try and get to one of these gigs!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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