Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Andrew at The Enemy

hi there

Andrew, my MMA, has been off to see someone called The Enemy, one of these Modern Music type things that he frequently advises me on.

thanks to the miracle of that twatter things where people send twittytwats around the world, i have a picture of him at this gig. or perhaps outside the gig.

the people on that twatter service tend to use code names. i think his mate who uploaded this one is called "Gazomatic" or something like that. i believe he is the one that got kicked out of the gig for investing far too much in the alcohol they had on sale at the gig.

Interesting Edit : Andrew has just informed me that Gazomatic (or whatever his name is) isn't his mate that got kicked out of the gig for being too lashed up. Gazomatic is the lead singer out of  The Antics, who were the support band for The Enemy. nice one.

what do i think of this band The Enemy? nothing really, for if i have heard anything by them i can assure you it was incidental or accidental. i might try and have a listen at some point, i suppose, but i am somewhat wary of doing so. going on Andrew's account of last night and the subsequent state he was in this morning, it sounds like one has to consume an awful lot of alcohol to fully appreciate the band. how much alcohol? well, i won't be too surprised to learn that Tesco are selling yet another bedset at some stage of the day today.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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