Monday, October 15, 2012

Old Grumpy's - opening soon!

hi there

i had asked my Dad very nicely not to use my blueberry email for either attachments or for emails that would come at a time when i was asleep. that would explain the email i got at around 4 this morning, featuring an attachment of the menu for Old Grumpy's. i presume this was his way of reminding me to mention here again that Old Grumpy's Gallery opens on Wednesday, 17 October. i am uncertain as to how many people from New Zealand read this blog, but this one is for you then!

first off, a clarification. in a recent post on Old Grumpy's i included a picture of a lad that i knew nothing of, except that Dad felt it quite important to send me a picture of him. well, Dad has provided a full biography.

this lad, ladies and gents, is Ethan. he is the relative of the gallery manager i had no idea Mum & Dad had appointed, and he is currently "benefitting" from being trained by my Dad. trained in what, exactly? buying and selling, it seems, as well as driving. in respect of the latter, whenever i drove my Dad somewhere i always got at least one thump to ensure i was "concentrating". not sure if Ethan gets the same method applied to him. best of luck, Ethan.

visitors of Old Grumpy's Gallery may well get the chance to see Ethan every now and then, assuming my Dad has not put him to work somewhere. in the mean time, though, here are a few other pictures from the premises, including the intriguing, somewhat secret upstairs area.

here's the view from the staircase, to go with the views of the staircase in the previous post.

Dad has given some details of the upstairs section. apparently it features a "secluded" 4 seater coffee table and his "studio".

basically, then, it's a bit like where Paulie out of GoodFellas would hold his most delicate of meetings, or perhaps a bit like that private part of the house where people went to "pay respects" to Vito Corleone. if they knew what was good for them.

i am sure that is just a guitar in the bag.

meanwhile, a question that all of those who know my Dad will be asking is "has he not been hiding in trees on an evening, taking pictures of people that stop and take an interest in the gallery?" the answer to that is yes, ladies and gentlemen, yes he has.

this is a very Alan Partridge thing of him to do, really. now that i think, i am surprised it has not dawned on me before, the immense similarities between my Dad's way of doing things and the Alan Partridge way of doing things. i suppose i could send him the Alan Partridge series to watch, but he would kind of assume that it's a documentary and it may well give him even more unusual ideas.

i am not sure where he hid to take these pictures, but i gather the intention is to show off the "night light" at the gallery.

i do not recall my Dad ever having that much interest or inclination for Indian food, really, but i suspect he will be having a bite or two at the place next door!

Grant enthusiasts will no doubt be wondering what Grant's feelings are on the impending opening of Old Grumpy's Gallery. well, i am assuming that he managed to get Dad's DVD and all that connected properly, for Grant has been allowed to go and start the queue for the grand opening.

nice one Grant. a few nights camping out in Mount Maunganui will be well worth it when you can claim the honour of being the first client of the place!

as for Old Grumpy himself, well he seems fit and ready to go, really. this next picture tells it all.

not only has he got some shiny new red shoes for the gallery, but he also has two grandchildren at the ready. Katie and Daniel are, to a degree, a 50% lesser workforce of upaid child labour than he had at his disposal here. you would assume, however, that they have not yet tired of the "novelty factor" of carrying bricks around or shovelling manure for no apparent reason, and so probably work just as hard as Lyla, James, William and Ruby-Lee did at South Fork.

well, all i can do now is say how much we all hope the grand opening of Old Grumpy's Gallery goes well, and we are sure it shall be a great success!

no doubt pictures of the opening shall follow soon!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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