Saturday, October 20, 2012

$ati$faction, or $ympathy For The Devil$

hi there

as previously reported, Keith Richards recently had the audacity and nerve to say how much he "hates charing fans over the top ticket prices", in particular with relation to the over the top pricing for their imminent O2 gigs in November. he must be really bloody angry, then, at what happened with these tickets the moment they went on sale.

in somewhat suspicious circumstances, although no one can prove anything, the tickets for the two concerts appeared to sell out after the site selling them went "live" in a couple of seconds. no joy at all, then, for the genuine fans who were prepared to throw silly money at the band.

in a move that will surprise few, a huge number of tickets for the gigs ended up on that e-bay site within minutes of the tickets going on official sale. and, of course, they are available for sale at a price even higher than the amount Keith hates charging. the link there will fade away into history after the date of the gigs, so here's a screenshot of what the tickets are currently going for.

going on how the ticket touts somehow grab all of these tickets and sell them at vastly inflated price, and mindful of how the band "hates" charging fans high prices but force themselves to do it anyway, i cannot work out why the band went to the trouble of setting up an official ticket channel. they should have just shoved Ronnie Wood in front of a laptop and have him sell all the tickets via ebay. just think of how much more money they could have reluctantly accepted.

i am not sure that The $tone$ trying to destroy any remaning remnants of goodwill amongst fans is the most inspired way for them to be marking their 50th anniversary, but that is their way these days. to those of you tempted by the insane prices on e-bay, i encourage you to rather sit back and wait for their more extensive tour next year.

be excellent to each other! send any spare change you have along to Mick and Keith, they need it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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