Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Candahar Street, or the wheel re-imagined.

well, there's no point me saying that i try to avoid plugging my friends here because as it happens i love nothing more than plugging them when they do something exceptional. JG, Jonnyguitar, has indeed done something exceptional in the form of his latest song, Candahar Street, although i am a touch confused as to why he is calling it "synthfolk". having recently "enjoyed" a Fairport Convention concert i got for my Dad, i must say this doesn't have mind blowing quantities of folk to it.

i am something of a sucker for songs that tend to be looking as much forward as they are backwards. this would be one of those songs. it's all about looking backwards to see a future. it takes quite a skill to do, all to often one looks back and simply wallows in it or gets crushed by it. and that's pretty much all i wish to say of the song lyrically as it happens. rather hear it yourself and feel what you will from the words.

oh yeah, a link would help in that respect. click here to hear Candahar Street just as quickly as the internet will take you to it. oh fudge i've done that "blocky" thing to the text.

the thing i am digging the most is the music. he's pinched the opening from somewhere, i will tell you that much, but i cannot place my finger on from where he has pinched it. it is his way.

it's certainly got a huge synth element to it, but methinks my musical friend has "folk" mixed up with "that big massive drum that one man bands have strapped to their backs". there's a tremendous thudding bass smacking away as a superior bit of guitar work duels with an awesome psychedelic groove. it's like all my top vibes elements merged into one. and the ending is class.

when Talking Heads sang of turning like a wheel inside a wheel, in their vague, ambivalent way they never quite got around to mentioning what the wheel was. no such avant garde theatrics here from JG, it's a much more linear experience, longing to complete a circle that didn't neccesarily start at the beginning. as it were.

look, the song is excellent and time reading this is wasting time you could be clicking on this link and hearing it for yourself.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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