Saturday, October 27, 2012

the Mount Maunganui Wheels On Main Street event

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i do have every intention of writing reviews for a couple of films i have seen recently (Safety Not Guaranteed and V/H/S). however, as there's been a major event over in New Zealand recently i thought it best to mention it here for all those intrepid google users who wish for both more information and, most importantly, want to obtain some pictures.

the New Zealand National Street Rod Association held a "Wheels On Main Street" event in Mount Maunganui this weekend. today, in fact, but earlier today by New Zealand time standards. it looks and sounds like it was most excellent!

if you are thinking "that's the sort of thing a certain happy go lucky gent might take pictures of" then one would certainly be unable to find fault with your thinking. i have no idea if he was acting in an official capacity or not, but Old Grumpy's photographer in residence, my Dad, was there taking pictures, and even wore his special red shoes for the event.

custom street cars tend to be quite loud and flashy, something which i am all but certain my Dad loved to bits. if young Ethan was around, i dare say Dad expressed his love of noise to him. if not, anyone else near him would no doubt have been informed.

speaking of Dad, cars and young Ethan, this picture from a previous blog post may be of some interest here. i think Dad will have been about the age Ethan is now when this picture was taken, and it certain does show off Dad's credentials and qualifications when it comes to custom street hot rod super wheels street cars!

if you would like to obtain some pictures from this event, or indeed wish to see and speak to Old Grumpy himself (it is a most worthwhile, one off experience), you can contact him via their social network site or even visit them at 245 Maunganui Road.

i hope everyone who went enjoyed the Wheels event, and i certainly trust many of you will get some pictures of your classic cars from Old Grumpy's Gallery!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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