Tuesday, October 02, 2012

a premiere, yet no release?

hi there

so, one of the worst kept secrets ever in regards of Bond themes has been revealed. mega-selling artiste Adele has co-composed and performed the theme for the new James Bond film, Skyfall.
the lady confirmed this herself with one of them "tweet" things.

the date of Friday 5 October 2012 has been announced as the day on which the song will get its "official premiere". as has become standard practice, however, i am led to believe snippets - if not the song entire - are presently freely available all across the internet.

no, before you ask, i do not have a copy of it, and there shall be no links to it on here, thank you. what i also do not have, oddly and perhaps sadly, is any sort of link to an official place where one can purchase the single.

this is most strange - one of the biggest selling artists of the day, a James Bond theme, an official premiere date and yet not a word or gesture of information of a release date anywhere on the internet? stranger still is that the song appears to have an ace bit of cover artwork.

i am really hoping that one will be able to purchase this as a single. i mean, why go to the bother of artwork if you are going to make it only available as a crappy, compressed download from the iTwat store?

if the latter part there becomes true, how sad. with iTwat only selling their songs in certain markets (not here for a start), those that would wish to buy this song will have no choice but to obtain a copy from a less than official source. strange to get such a big seller to make the song if you are not planning on selling it, no?

you never know, after this "premiere" the details of where and when one can buy the single may well emerge. i will try to update as and when i find that out!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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