Wednesday, October 17, 2012

a Sunday stroll......

hi there

i thought i might, if i may, take a break from complaining about The Rolling Stones (Pty) Ltd and similar for a while, instead posting some things that are considerably more fun!

as we have some reasonably pleasant summer weather here at the moment (barring the massive storm this evening), we all went off for a lovely stroll around the excellent Lory Park for the afternoon.this was a very good idea, as it turned out.

we discovered that Lory Park has two magnificent new residents - a pair of wonderful, beautiful white lions! i did my best to get a picture of both, here it is!

i, ahem, imagine the intention is to "encourage" them to increase the white lion population a bit. well, Lory Park is rather good at that - many baby lions and tigers have sprung from the couples they have there. it must be something in the water!

the boys were very impressed with the white lions, it has to be said. they were even more impressed, though, when i gave them some money and sent them off in the general direction of the tuck shop!

James was very thrilled to be able to use the camera for a bit, too. and my word did he use it! it looks like we have some 300 pictures from being out for a couple of hours with him! i shall not be uploading all of them here, but if for some peculiar reason you want a recent picture of me, here you go!

yes, that is indeed me in the same shirt and hat that i went to see The Stone Roses in, fact fans. although anyone stalking me would presumably be quite aware of my wardrobe, and the limitations thereof.

back to pictures of things far more interesting than what your humble narrator looks like, and onwards indeed to a picture that i got into a little bit of trouble for.

William found a rather large metal door, and asked what was "in there". as far as i could work out it just led to the car park. however, that's not what i told him. it seemed like a good idea to mention to him that this was the place where they kept the T-Rex.

the result of that good idea was that William was very excited, and flat refused to leave the door until he had seen the T-Rex! whoops!

after a few minutes we explained to him that the T-Rex was probably sleeping, or perhaps even away on holiday. he looked a little disappointed but agreed to leave the door anyway. he was happy enough to see all the other animals, in particular when he was able to get rather close to them. this was certainly the case with the Siberian tigers!

both William and James think it is wonderful when the tigers "prowl". it is great to be able to get so close to them, but i have to keep an eye on the boys just in case they try and get a little too close!

speaking of close, well, who doesn't love and want to get near the Meerkats?

the boys were certainly very excited to see them, especially as for the most part they (the meerkats and the boys) were in a playful mood.

William has developed an interesting expectation that every living thing will bow to his every command. as a result of this, he has no problem telling anyone and everything what they should be doing. the meerkats were certainly no exception to this at all. when they were running around William shouted at them to get in the holes they were digging....

.....and not long after they did that he was busy shouting at them to come back out!

James does not really take to shouting commands as such these days. he prefers the somewhat more subtle approach of merely trying to catch things like meerkats!

he did not, happily or sadly, manage to catch one. a bit of a pity, really, for i would love to see what a meerkkat would do to our garden!

well, we had a fantastic time out as you can hopefully see, even though the tuck shop had sold out of chips. ho hum, perhaps next time. in the mean time, though, here's another picture of one of the magnificent white lions!

i hope that you all had a weekend as good as ours! if not, well, hope the imminent next weekend is ace!

yes, i know that some of you (hello, Dad!) will be expecting pictures of the grand opening of Old Grumpy's Gallery to appear here. they will very soon, i promise!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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