Friday, December 02, 2011

i want one, whatever it actually is.

hi everyone

those of us of the generation that grew up with the dawn of the massive Star Wars merchandise machine never really ever gave up a wish, desire or curiosity to own film related action figures. i mean, sure, you wanted all of the Star Wars ones, but other films and what have you clocked this was a good way of making money, so nearly every film ended up with a merchandising range that included action figures or similar toys.

i say nearly every film. surely, though, it must be the case that every film can now expect to have a range of action figures in place if this now exists!

quality! apparently this started off life as a practical joke, but it is one that was warmly embraced and thus they were made and sold! and, sadly, sold well enough to be a sell out!

oh well, if i get lucky maybe they will make more, or someone has already taken the trouble of getting me one, as unlikely as that is. in the mean time, i shall just have to imagine the many hours i could spend just gazing into it with a sense of wonder!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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