Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Dark Knight Rises In An IMAX Preview

hey everyone

well, if you have found this site via google or something hoping to be able to download the prologue for The Dark Knight Rises, bad luck - i don't put that sort of thing here. try searching again, it is easy enough to find.

what i am putting here are screenshots of what is on the internet right now and advising you not to bother looking for it until there's an official release.

trying to record any sort of cinema or TV screen with a phone is pretty stupid, really. trying to do it with an IMAX screen is even dumber. still, someone had a go, and here is what you will get if you seek it.

at a guess, that's roughly one third of the screen, pretty much the top half and a glimpse of the theatre's ceiling.

with what's being billed as The Prologue To The Dark Knight Rises getting shown in only about 30 IMAX theatres in America in front of the new Mission Impossible film, there's an obvious demand for bootleg variants of it like this one. you have to ask, though, is it really worth trying to watch this?

i have tried to keep the pictures to a spoiler minimum, by the way. not that looking at the whole video could spoil much as you can see next to nothing. you can certainly guess at what's going on, but you could do that without watching i suppose.

i am led to believe that there will be an official video release in the next week or so - possibly the whole of this "prologue" footage, perhaps just the next trailer for the film which this clip seems to end off with. rather, to be honest, wait for the official video to be put out on the internet.

i imagine even more people shall try and film it over the weekend, and thus even more variants of the video will pop up online. i know many of you will insist on hunting for it - all i can say is good luck, but you really should consider patience and wait for the proper thing.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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