Wednesday, December 21, 2011

birthday cake celebrations

hey everyone

well, mindful of it being someone else's birthday today (heya sis, hope you have had fun!), i figured that i'd best get around to updating this corner of the internet with some pictures of James celebrating his birthday!

yes, i should have done this a week or so ago, but whoops!

the day started off interestingly enough with James making an unusual request - to wear the free t-shirt he got at the hospital when he went in for his tonsils! happy to let him do so!

it was off to a stack of presents after getting dressed, of course!

he was rather impressed with all his presents, them being for the most part related to Hot Wheels cars, Star Wars and Phineas & Ferb! i suspect, though, that his top part was opening up and reading aloud all the cards. William sat and listened, but i think he was a bit confused about another round of presents that James seemed to be the expert on opening!

after that it was off to school, taking with him of course the excellent Star Wars cake as shown off here earlier. i quite love the approach James took to cutting and sharing, really!

nice of him to cut the first slice and promptly eat it whilst everyone else patiently (more or less) waits!

James' birthday was not the only reason for celebration at school that day, as it turned out. the children all got quite a surprise visitor - one that, as my brother has pointed out, appears to have been on a most excellent diet!

James and William got some class Hot Wheels cars from Santa, which was very nice indeed! wonder how he knew to get them?

after school it was time for (yet) more cake at home, allowing us to sing and sing again!

i am not sure which is the best bit for James, really - the singing, blowing the candles out or cutting up and eating the cake. i suspect the answer lies within a combination of all of that!

and, if you thought we were done with birthday cake after that one, think again! at the weekend we went over to South Fork, where Grandma had arranged another most excellent Star Wars cake for him!

those two or three of you who have decided to follow me on this 'twatter' business (leerblueberry if you wish to "follow" or "add" me, whatever the right word is) may be interested to know that the pink heart balloon behind James there is the one he released into the wild of the skies! there's a bit better view of it in the next picture!

William is really taking quite a shine to this blowing candles out business too, although i think he's angling to get his hands on the knife, really. as they both have birthdays in December, i think Michele and i shall have to get creative and think of some days and dates for us to have candles and cake throughout the year!

well, what can i say? Mummy and Daddy are thrilled that you had an excellent birthday, son!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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