Friday, December 02, 2011

Andrew and the Time Travel question

hey everyone

my cousin Andrew has had an interesting reaction to me sending him National Treasures by the Manics. that reaction is to all of a sudden be troubled and indeed concerned with the matter of time travel.

i have had a conversation with him as best i can in regards of this. and when i say as best i can, i mean as best as one can via the conduit of a blueberry phone. the short version is that as time exists only in an academic sense, time travel is thus impossible.

that's right. time is not real. it is a sequence of man made measurements based upon the rotation / orbit of our planet in relation to the Sun and to an extent the solar system. it has no basis, beyond that, in nature or even mad discovered science. if you were to build a time machine and type in a date then the only thing which would understand that is the machine itself, for nature has no knowledge or relationship with the hours, minutes, seconds, days, weeks and years we have created. created, and indeed fiddled with over the years.

should you build a ship capable of being faster than light then you could, of course, travel deep into the cosmos and see relfected images of how Earth once was, but you would not be able to interact with it, and nor is it likely that you would make it home to tell anyone. for more on all that sort of thing, of you go to the works of Hawking and Einstein i guess, but thanks for stopping by here.

Andrew is interested, however, that there are examples of where time travel has apparently "happened". he was very interested in, and i do not mean to knock him or anyone else who is interested or would like to believe in the concept, this picture, which appears to show a traveller in time.

the below is a close up of the chap who apparently travelled, going on his clothes and camera, back to the 1940s to witness a bridge being opened in Canada.

well, it certainly looks like a modern chap if you are, of course, told that you are looking at a modern chap. the reality is why the fellow above looks somewhat out of place compared to the rest of the crowd, he is not out of place in how he looked in the 1940s. if you want to believe the above is a time traveller then skip the next bit, if you want to be shown how there is nothing out of the ordinary in the above picture the you just need to click these words and you shall be taken to a breakdown of all the "modern" aspects in the image.

if the above had really been a time traveller, of course, then someone would have remembered seeing the picture before he travelled back in time, with the new version appearing of course after the fact. no one, as far as i am aware, has ever claimed this. i suppose this point, however, relies very much on how you interpret or combine the rules of the butterfly effect, chaos theory and to a degree quantum physics in regards of how they relate to the notion of time travel.

it would, for me, be ace if things like FlashFoward and to a lesser extent (considering the purpose of it in that) The Terminator could be real in what they show of time travel, but alas it exists only in our imagination.

if you wish to see even more examples like the above, feel free to hit google and what have you. most of them can be easily explained, but my word they are interesting and curious to look at before they are deconstructed.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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