Tuesday, December 13, 2011

the Trees of Christmas

hi everyone

this blog is getting bogged down in Christmas posts at the moment, isn't it? oh well, if not now then when, i suppose.

i am delighted to say that the appeal from Gillian and myself for images of Christmas trees is getting a good deal more success this year than it did last. some pictures have arrived, and thus to stick to my word i am posting them here.

first up is, i think, how the tree over at South Fork looks this Christmas.

the emphasis here is very much on think, for i am pretty sure this one was sent recently. i cannot say for sure, as i found it on my hard drive last night quite by chance. it might be the one from last year, but never mind, for it looks pretty much the same as what i saw at the weekend.

moving on and up to the Northern Hemisphere and here's the tree that Uncle Trevor has put up in Chez Trev!

outstanding Trev! the shiny purple balls are in particular inspired! nice positioning of the fairy on top, too!

i am sure Trev will have helped Grandma Harland with her tree, too. it certainly seems that Ruby gave some support!

all looking very festive and very good ideed!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!
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