Wednesday, November 30, 2011

i'm in disguise

hi everyone

earlier this week James got a rather excellent party pack thing at school, in celebration of one of his friends' birthday. of all the times in it, William took quite a shine to one thing in particular, which would be a face mask. as you can see below, he was rather keen to keep it on!

as a consequence of having the mask on, William took it upon himself to declare that he was Iron Man, and was as insistent as a soon-to-be two year old can be in respect of us calling him that! i suppose it does look a bit Iron Man-ish, especially if you are nearly 2. oh, to have that kind of freedom of imagination still!

once again, my apologies for the rather, if not perhaps somewhat, rubbish quality of the pictures on display here. they were taken on the spot with my blueberry phone thing, and as has been mentioned befoe, the blueberry phone camera is pretty rubbish, or as close as you can get to being rubbish and yet somehow get away with it. people don't buy blueberry phones for the camera i suppose, or they only do if they are particularly stupid.

the rubbish nature of the camera can, however, have some unexpected and rather class consequences. like, for instance, in this picture James took of me.

other than giving you a hint of what my new glasses look like, i think the above has a sort of "spy" picture quality, looking like it would not be out of place inside some CIA dossier on your humble narrator. if the CIA had nothing better to do than keep a dossier on me, of course.

moving right along there, and James was rather keen for his picture to be taken too, so here you go!

i promise that over the next few weeks i shall do my best to rather use a proper camera and thus have some better quality pictures on display here!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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