Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas in New Zealand

hey there

well, needless to say i sat with a veritable stack of pictures of Christmas from across the family. i will be doing my best to update with a few images of each over the next few days, but there are more than a few to go through! bear with me, those interested and eager!

a first up would and indeed perhaps should be New Zealand, for in accordance with timelines and that they celebrated Christmas Day first. usually there is some sort of embargo which prevents all that many pictures being sent from New Zealand (well, it is either that or Gillian "not being bothered" about taking them off the camera and sending them), so it's great to get a few!

first up is Daniel, and the remarkable - indeed impressive - stash of offerings delivered to him by the one they call Father Christmas!

that all looks excellent, but Daniel appears to still prefer that rather smooth looking blanket! and why not?

as for Katie, well, it would appear that the two front teeth did not get delivered, but a whole load of other excellent stuff did!

and no, Grant enthusiasts, i have not forgotten you and your relentless desire to see and hear more of him on this site. Grant has long had an ambition to be "a bit more Freddie Mercury", and it seems he took another step towards this.

quite a quality, if fake, moustache there! good luck with growing a real one like that!

finally, as is a tradition for them, the family over in New Zealand have a go at a self-portrait every year. here's there go this year!

splendid, most splendid. in particular as they are not sticking tongues out or pulling rude gestures for a change!

many thanks indeed for the pics! it looks and sounds like you all had a most excellent time of it!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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