Monday, December 05, 2011


Hi Everyone

i suspect some of you may think i jest or overstate just how Grandad is with his Grandchildren. not many of you shall need convincing, i would have thought, after his most recent exploits in New Zealand (with his novel idea of pretending to abandon Daniel in a park in the middle of Auckland to "get some hidden pictures" of him, need i remind you) but all the same he proudly sent on some more examples of his ideas on parenting today.

Lyla appears to be getting, for the true want of a better phrase, the benefit of his approach at the moment. there is no such thing, for Grandad, as too young to start work, and here she is on the phone.

no doubt she's busy wheeling and dealing on Grandad's behalf, possibly arranging some more Bob Dylan tickets or perhaps even placing a modest but all the same hefty wager with a local turf accountant.

on that note, Ruby-Lee probably has "favourite Grandchild" status at the moment. it's a rotating thing with him, but as Ruby-Lee does not walk / run around as yet and is mostly rather quiet, she can just sit there with him as he watches the ponies.

William enjoyed that status for a little while and rather enjoyed it, but i think he enjoys running around causing mayhem at South Fork even more. his latest plan, for instance, is to catch the fish in one of the fish ponds or tanks. he will succeed in this; the only real question is how much damage he will do and exactly how much of the fish he catches will he eat. lots and most, if you wanted a speculative guess.

anyway, back to good (ahem) parenting by Grandad and indeed back to Lyla. rather unfortunately for her today, Lyla can walk around a good deal more than her younger sister. in order to help her practice walking, Grandad very kindly allowed her to mop most of the North Wing of South Fork today.

very kind and forward thinking of you, Grandad, i am sure that helped her learn to walk even better than she currently perfectly does.

the learnings do not stop there, oh no. Grandad really does not have time for any of this health and safety rubbish as such, but he does believe that if a job is possibly too dangerous for him, or he just simply cannot be bothered, this is where Grandchildren come in as handy.

like, for instance, if someone needs to lean over and place an angel on a tree.

good work Lyla, and well done to Grandad for almost using both hands to hold on to her and make sure she doesn't fall down!

i would be rather sure than more examples of his wisdom and ways of bringing up his Grandchildren shall appear here in the near future. most of it, of course, can always be written off as "character building".

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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