Thursday, December 29, 2011


hey there

well, as our Australian friends may say, strewth! i have been rather busy at verk, it has to be said, so my ambition to get all the Christmas stuff up before the end of the year may not be met. nice to know the wheels of commerce are turning with some enthusiasm during this expected to be quiet 3 day week, i guess.

let me have a bash at meeting the end of the year, though, by taking you back to Christmas Eve, when we had a somewhat early Christmas session. this was for the benefit of visiting Ouma (my absolutely beloved, will not have a word against mother-in-law) and Dylan. and a jolly good day it was too, with an amazing, massive pile of food to eat.

oh, and of course, presents too!

the boys got a most excellent double whammy of slightly belated and slightly early Christmas presents, which made them rather happy, it has to be said!

i was fortunate to get a gift too, which was unexpectd and kind. and indeed funded the purchase of the celebrated Red & Blue set from The Beatles, not to mention the ace films Zombieland and Pale Rider. nice one Monica, thanks!

the boys are well impressed with their gifts too! the "garden set" has yet to see the garden, but the boys quite like sitting at it as they eat in the house! the Star Wars Playstation controller has gone down very well with James indeed, too!

William has had enough presents that he can now just about unwrap gifts himself, as you can see.

i have no doubt that James shall continue to "help" him with unwrappting for a while yet, mind!

hopefully Monica and Dylan liked their gifts too! well, i am pretty sure Dylan did, by all accounts - hard to go wrong with a PSP for a young lad!

more as soon as i have the time and energy!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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