Saturday, December 03, 2011

a great cause calls for a good return

hey everyone

i remember reading an article, around the late 80s / early 90s, along the lines of "what if these musicians had not died". the one that stuck out for me was John Lennon.

in that article, it had Lennon, alive, getting a call from one Bob Geldof, with Mr Geldof telling Mr Lennon that "actually, it now is a matter of (expletive deleted) life or death if The Beatles get back together" in regards of approaching him to have the band play Live Aid. that idea has always stuck with me as being entirely plausible.

i am reminded of it again when it turns out a certain other highly anticipated reunion happened last night - sort of - in regards of an exceptional cause.

ladies and gentlemen, 50% of The Stone Roses - the 50% no one dreamed would ever play together again last night - appeared on stage together last night in support of the Justice For Hillsborough campaign.

i really try to avoid political things on this blog, but the horrific nature of what happened at Hillsborough, in particular the vile campaign to claim it was all the fans fault, is one that i am very much keen and proud to support. no fan should die watching a football match, especially as a consequence of very bad policing and security. the cover up was shocking.

obvioulsy it was felt the hardest at Liverpool, for it was 96 fans from that side who died for no good reason that day. that said, all true and genuine football fans felt nothing but shock and sadness at the events that day, and want to see those truly responsible for those events brought to book. it speaks volumes that John and Ian, lifelong Manchester United fans, didn't think twice about supporting this cause.

well, a very big nice one to those who went to support this event, what an amazing surprise special guest to have come out on stage!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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