Friday, December 02, 2011

Fletch completes the two year stretch....

hi everyone

well, two people exceedingly dear to me celebrate their birthday today. neither of them, so far as i am aware, visit this site of mine, though. on the off chance i am wrong - happy birthday Amanda! hope the card arrived and that you had a spiffing day!

as for the other person, that would of course be William, who hit two today! he hasn't quite grasped the concept of birthdays as such yet, but i think after today he will be expecting them on a more frequent basis! he did get a mountain of presents and, thanks to a miracle of the Post Office, one card from his Great Grandma Lily and his supremely Great Gramps Stormin' Norman.

i am sure, or at least hope, the others shall arrive from the rest of the family at some point, depending on the miracles of the Post Office and indeed people sending them. the other card pictured there is from his Grandma and Grandad, who we shall no doubt see at South Fork over the weekend.

other than loving cards and envelopes (i think he may get that from his Dad), William has surely now discovered things that are wrapped and given to you, normally called presents, are very cool things indeed!

i am not going to list all his gifts, but his Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman action figures seem to be a winner thus far, as indeed does the device that makes a noise if you bash it with a hammer!

it was quite good of James to be on hand to "help" William in opening up his cards and presents!

the thing that James has most been concerend about, it has to be said, is the small matter of a large birthday cake for his brother. James is usually something of a reluctant eater except, oddly, when it comes to cake.

behold, then, for here is the most excellent cake that Grandma arranged for the day!

the more observant of you will notice that there is a "2" candle there. William took a particular shine to this candle. oh, sure, he liked blowing it out once lit, but he took even more of a shine to it than just that. as in Michele has twice had to fish some wax out of his mouth after he has taken a bite of it! we shall be doing our very best to keep the candle, then, as the teeth marks in it are priceless!

you, by the way dear reader, know exactly how good the cake tastes as your humble narrator does. the purpose of the cake was to go into school / daycare / creche with the boys today. i was, wildly in retrospect, optimistic that a slice or two might have survived and come home for us to try, but not to be.

it sounds like everyone at the school really enjoyed the cake, and it certainly seems so from the pictures! the teachers all also really loved the extra cake that Grandma sent in just for them!

you will note that James was never too far away from the cake!

now, if you were to ask the boys' Uncle Richard, he would assure you that the best thing to do on a birthday is have a good, solid drinking session. this, it seems, is what James encouraged William to do, although perhaps not with the liquid Uncle Richard would have on the go on his birthday.

there's a bit of a "young Shaun Ryder and Bez" feel to the above, really. i think we shall have to keep a rather close eye on them as the teen years approach as a consequence!

well, there we have it! it certainly feels like William had a most excellent day! we shall, of course, be getting to do it all over again in the not too distant future for James! and then there's the small matter of Christmas too; December is exceptionally fond of my wallet! although, ahem, of course, it is Santa Claus that arranges all the Christmas presents, not Mummy & Daddy. oh, the wish......

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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