Wednesday, December 28, 2011

James and William look for a film to watch

hey there

well, after a few days here i am back posting! i've not been on here for the most part, of course, as we were celebrating Christmas, as i trust most of you were. there's also being left exhausted by the boys as they had fun for the last few days, but that's another tale for another post or two.

a hint, however, is in this post. yesterday James decided that he and William were going to watch a Superman film. this involved James, and William armed with a toy axe, deciding to hold a semi-audit of all their discs as they looked for "that one where Superman rescues the helicopte" (the first to feature Christopher Reeve, i believe you will find).

here is an image of the result of the semi-audit!

nice work, boys!

the "semi" part comes into it as, of course, James and William felt no compelling reason to put any of the discs or boxes back themselves, leaving it to Mummy and Daddy to do it. it gave us the chance, at least, to try and put some of the discs back into the correct, empty boxes. i must say, in this regard, they do have the influence of Uncle Richard a bit, as he famously used to have a pile of empty VHS boxes more or less the same height and size as he did a pile of unboxed video tapes.

i think it only took us about 3 hours to put them all back. the more interesting thing, however, is that after finding the correct Superman film, the boys instead decided to watch that class Batman film from the 60s. you know, the one where Batman gets attacked by a shark, but happily has a can of "bat shark repellant" on hand.

more posts soon-ish!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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