Thursday, December 29, 2011

actual Christmas

hey there

OK, let me see if i can do another update from Christmas! here are some pictures from "Christmas Day proper", as it were.

first off, when Michele and i woke up on Christmas morning, we got a big surprise. almost a shock, really. that was that we woke of our own nature, as the boys were still asleep! and they continued to sleep, having a lie-in, for something like an hour after we woke up! of all the days to pick to finally get the hang of this "we can sleep late so let us" business, they choose Christmas? this parenting business is a tricky one to grasp the logic of, really.

when they eventually did surface from their bedrooms, they were rather delighted to find a pile of presents each!

and, if i say so myself (erm, ahem, on behalf of Father Christmas), they were rather pleased with all that they got!

undoubtedly they got "too much" and all of that, but there you go, done now!

you may have heard, or experienced yourself for that matter, the idea that children often if not always prefer to play with the box that it came in rather than the toy itself.

let William demonstrate this for you!

in the afternoon it was time to pay South Fork a visit and, wouldn't you know, Father Christmas had gone and left some gifts for the boys with Grandma and Grandad!

i do love this next picture!

what deft skill James has, being able to "help" William unwrap a present and play on a PSP at the same time!

James was also able to open his presents all by himself, and was quite impressed with what he got!

well, who would not be?

a trip to South Fork in the summer also means swimming, and the chance to try and have a picture of the four of us together. not as easy as it might sound, really, if you look at this try!

and here's one of us almost, more or less, all facing the same way. if not looking the same way!

well, we had an excellent Christmas, and i can only trust and hope you all did too!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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