Friday, December 30, 2011

and some more Christmas images!

hi there

well, hopefully there remains enough lingering Christmas spirit to enjoy these rather fine pictures sent on to me!

it would appear that the radar system Father Christmas has found Lyla and Ruby-Lee just fine! actually, i think old Santa uses a conventional map, really - much better than this whole "gsp" nonsense or whatever one calls it.

here's Lyla showing off one of many gifts to bear the celebrated name of Barbie!

now, of course we all know that Father Christmas brings the gifts for children, but parents help. in this instance, Richard's enthusiasm for Barbie, in particular those items of Barbie which are pink, is legendary. splendid work, Richard, it looks like you directed Santa to some really fine items!

Ruby-Lee appears to have had a somewhat Barbie-free Christmas in comparison, but all the same seems to have got some most excellent gifts!

Father Christmas left some gifts for Ruby-Lee and Lyla with us, ones that with some good luck shall get to them soon!

there can be no doubt that Christmas morning over at their house featured a most excellent boereorkes breakfast cooked and lavishly prepared by Erika. they are really ace, it has to be said, and would with ease have beaten the pants off the toast i had!

the class boereorkes breakfast does, through the sheer dimension and vast quantity of it, tend to add a calorie or two on the usual mass of the person blessed enough to eat it, so a rather tranquil stroll around the grounds after it is usually a most wise idea. such wisdom was evoked by the four of them!

these really are fantastic pictures. i think that the next time we head over to their abode we shall have to encourage Richard and Erika to take a few pictures of the four of us!

wow, what amazing pictures! and on the whole unblemished by images of Newcastle garments! it looks like they all had a truly splendid day. nice one!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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