Monday, December 19, 2011

South Fork on a Sunday

hi everyone

well, it was off to South Fork on Sunday, and with good reason. more on that good reason in a later post, it has to be said, but there are one or two pictures (well, two) that are worth going ahead and posting now in a somewhat briefer update!

Michele and i needed to go an a quick (ahem) shopping trip, and thus left James and William in the care of Grandma. which means that they were in the hands of Grandad too, and all that this means.

it wasn't long after we had headed to the shops (ahem) quickly before the boys were causing mayhem, in this instance deciding to redecorate the grounds of South Fork with some magazines.

no doubt Grandad was going to constructively shout at them and get them to tidy up, but as James was having a little check on what was in his nose he instead, of course, decided to take a photograph. i have no doubt that the above, then, shall soon feature in or on one of Grandad's celebrated calendars for the new year. well, it would be for the new year, would it not, as there is little point in making one for this present year; less for last year.

Grandad of course likes nothing more than having grandchildren around who can perform tasks and functions in and around the grounds. it's nice to see that not being quite tall enough to do what Grandad wants is no obstacle, for Grandad will quite happily pick up a child and balance them on a ledge to get the watering done.

whereas i am sure Grandad would have a reasonable go at catching William if he should have slipped off there, William does not look quite so sure, does he?

some more pictures shall follow during the week!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!
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