Monday, November 07, 2011

the red shoe diaries

hey everyone

i have a vague recollection of their being some tv show, featuring him out of The X Files, on air in the 90s called The Red Shoe Diaries or something like that. it was all "sensitive erotica" or other such rubbish. if you have happened to chance upon this post on this site hoping for details or (more likely) images off it, you are in for something of a disappointment and may wish to turn left now.

for those of you who remain, here is Dad showing off something that has been missing for a little while, his beloved and most stylish red shoes.

i asked him why he hadn't been wearing them of late, particularly on his trips around the world, as the sight of them generally brightens up any pictures i put here. the answer i got was that they are "a bit battered" and hurt his feet somewhat. oh dear, we shall have to try and find him a new pair, then!

in the mean time, then, enthusiasts of the peculiar footwear my Dad selects may very well wish to savour this image, as it could be the last we see of these particular shoes!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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